3 Different Types of Transcribing Jobs

3-typesWhen most people hear about transcription, they think of medical transcription work. But there are many types of transcription jobs in a variety of industries such as medical, legal, general and business transcription.

Transcribing is listening to recorded speech and typing what’s said on the audio or video.

A transcriptionist (also called a transcriber) working in any industry must have good listening and English skills and make sure that the transcript makes sense. Some transcription jobs require more experience, specialized training and higher typing speed than others.

Below is a quick overview of three types of transcription jobs.

1. Medical Transcription Jobs

Medical transcriptionists transcribe medical documents for a variety of medical professionals and institutions. Medical transcription jobs include transcribing patient summaries, progress notes and other medical documents and reports.

Required Qualifications: You need specialized training to become a medical transcriptionist. Medical transcriptionists have to be proficient with medical terminology and procedures.

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2. Legal Transcription Jobs

Legal transcriptionists transcribe dictation from legal professionals. Legal transcription is used by law firms, attorneys, courts and others. Legal transcriptionists transcribe audio and video, including court hearings, depositions, general correspondence and articles for legal journals.

Today many legal transcriptionists are working from home.

Required Qualifications: You need specialized training to become a legal transcriptionist.

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3. General Transcription & Business Transcription Jobs

General transcriptionists and business transcriptionists transcribe audio files that have non-medical  and non-legal content.

The terms business transcription and general transcription are often interchanged. A business transcriptionist transcribes for a wide variety of businesses.

A general and business transcriptionist transcribes a wide variety of recorded speech documents that may include one-person interviews, focus group interviews, seminars, online conferences, webinars, documentary film footage, corporate research projects and even police interviews or interrogations.

General and business transcription can be very lucrative and is a lot easier to get into than medical or legal transcription as it does not require any specialized terminology or years of experience. Most general and business transcriptionists work from home.


Which type of transcription work is right for you depends on your experience, skills, interest and personal preferences. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you want to work from home as an independent contractor or do you want to work as an employee in an office job?
  • What kind of industry would you like to work in?  Would you prefer working in the medical or legal industry? Or would you like to work with businesses and individuals?
  • Do you have any experience in the medical or legal field or some particular type of business?
  • Are you willing to learn specialized terminology and take specialized training?

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