Digital Transcription Makes It Possible To Work Anywhere

Transcription work from home is attracting many people. It has become a popular way to make money from home.

Transcribing means converting recorded audio or video to text by typing the information that’s on the recording.

Digital transcription changed the transcription industry. Through the Internet and digital transcription technology, you can do transcription work anywhere.

With digital recorders more companies are making audio and video recordings of meetings, interviews, lectures, conferences, seminars and other events.  They put up videos on their web site. But because people still want to have written notes they can refer to, many companies are having their events transcribed.

This created a demand for transcriptionists and transcription companies in a wide variety of industries and many opportunities to do transcription work from home.

This article focuses on how digital transcription created additional work at home opportunities for transcriptionists.

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Digital transcription has many benefits for transcriptionists. Here are some of the advantages:

  • Digital transcription is easier, faster and more convenient than cassette transcription.
  • You can work anywhere as long as you have a computer and a good Internet connection
  • You can get more work because you can work for companies and clients regardless your location or their location. This gives you more opportunities to get work.
  • Save time. You don’t have to waste time traveling to clients to pick up and return cassettes. You can get work without leaving your home or office. You download digital audio and video files and upload your finished transcripts to your clients via the Internet.
  • Faster turnaround. Transcriptionists can receive the recorded file immediately start transcribing immediately and email or upload the finished transcript as soon as it’s finished.
  • The quality of digital files is much better than using tapes or cassettes.
  • You can filter unwanted background noises (e.g. air conditioners, electronic buzzing) that can interfere with understanding the speech. This makes transcribing easier and increases accuracy.
  • Playback is faster. You can instantly go to the part of the audio you want. This is a lot faster than searching for certain sections on a tape, rewinding a tape and replaying it.
  • You can slow the recording down or speed it up to make it easier to understand and transcribe.

How does it work?

You’ll need transcription software to do digital transcription. You can start with free software. A digital foot pedal keeps your hands free to do the typing and speeds up transcription.  You can find more information about foot pedals here. I also recommend getting a good headset as it will make it easier to understand and transcribe the audio.

General transcription is a great career for people wanting to work from home and have a flexible schedule and workload.

Watch the video below to see how you can do digital transcription by using free transcription software.

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Medical and legal transcription requires specialized training

General Transcription is Easier

General transcription covers anything that is not medical or legal. General transcription is an easier option for people who are looking to make money working from home as a transcriptionist without going through expensive training and certification.  You don’t need to know medical terminology and you don’t need a degree or certificate. Skilled needed include good typing, listening and grammar skills.

A lot of companies, organizations and individuals require the services of general transcriptionists. They need transcription of dictations, interviews, voicemail messages, speeches, meetings, video presentations, and a variety of other recordings.

If you’re new to transcription jobs, you don’t have to make the same mistakes others have made.

The General Transcription Business-In-A-Box is a start-up kit that provides easy start-up tips to help you get started in getting general and business transcription work. Even for those who have been a transcriptionist for a while, this kit can give you the information and resources you need to expand your home transcription business.

Find out how to become a transcriptionist from home without knowing medical terminology and without specialized training. Get my free report, How to Avoid Transcription Scams and find out how the Transcription Business-In-A-Box can help you get general transcription work from home.


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Find out how to get digital transcription work from home.

The best way to learn general transcription is by practicing. Find practice files for general transcription here.

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