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  • Do you want transcription work from home but don't want to take extensive courses?

  • Did you take a medical transcription course who can't get work because you don't have two years of experience in a hospital setting?

  • Are you an experienced MT who has lost work because of voice recognition, EMR or overseas outsourcing?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, check out general transcription! Find out how you can get an almost unlimited amount of general transcription work from home.

General transcription is the fastest and easiest way to get started and get transcription work from home. What's more:

  • There is no need to learn medical terminology or take a medical transcription course.
  • No certification is required.

Do you want more benefits? How about these:

  • You can start almost immediately.
  • You can work from home.
  • You are your own boss; you set your own hours; work when it suits your schedule.
  • You set the workload; you decide when you want to take time off.

If you’re even thinking about transcription work from home (medical, legal, or general transcription), you must read this free book to find out if transcription work is right for you.

Your FREE ebook will answer the following questions:

  • What is General Transcription.
  • Why General Transcription Is in High Demand.
  • How You Will Benefit from Providing General Transcription Services.
  • Who Needs and Uses General Transcription Services.
  • Why Businesses Outsource Transcription Work to Home-Based Transcriptionists.
  • Why It's Easier to Get Started in General Transcription Than in Medical or Legal Transcription.
  • Equipment and Software That Will Make Transcription Work Easier.
  • What Skills You Need and How You Can Learn Transcription Without Formal Training.
  • How to Avoid Transcription Scams.

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"What Readers Say About "Getting Started in General & Business Transcription"

"I have wanted to get into the transcription field for a long time. The dream of working from home in my spare time and being able to spend more time with my family is what made me do the research and see if transcription was even right for me. I picked up this free book and it gave me so much more useful information than I thought possible for free.

I learned what it takes to get started, how to avoid scams, how I can get transcription experience without paying for expensive courses and how to get hired by transcription companies. All of this and it doesn’t cost a thing. That, to me, is the most amazing part, there is no charge for this book and it can actually make me money! What could be better??"

–Jon Terns, San Diego

"What a great book! I still can’t believe that it was free and yet it contained so much valuable information; I would have gladly paid for this book as it would easily pay for itself many times over with the tips and advice it gives.

This book tells you the how’s and why’s of the general transcription world as well as some insight into what it takes to do transcription work from home in my spare time.

If you have been thinking about any type of transcription work, whether it is medical, legal or other and you want to do it from home, you have to read this free book to find out if transcription is the right fit for you. I think I even want to recommend this book on my own website so that others can also benefit from the author’s many years of knowledge in the transcription industry."

-Sarah Evanston, Miami Beach



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