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If you’re visiting this blog, you are most likely interested in finding out more information about getting transcription work from home. Or you might be looking for information about how to get started into medical transcription or legal transcription.

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Did you know that transcription is not limited to medical or legal transcription?

Have you heard about general transcription or business transcription work from home?

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General transcription and business transcription work covers a wide variety of non-medical transcription work, including transcribing interviews, lectures, speeches, meetings, conference calls, focus groups, panel discussions, seminars, press briefings, radio shows, video shows.

Many businesses and professions use general transcription services, including a variety of businesses, insurance companies, speakers, seminar promoters, teachers, students, government, financial professionals, and marketing researchers.  Below I’m answering some questions people often ask me about general and business transcription.

Why General transcription work is easier to get started than medical transcription or legal transcription.

With general transcription, you don’t have to wait to get a medical transcription certificate to get transcription work. You can start getting general transcription work while taking medical transcription courses and start making money right away.

Who will hire people for transcription jobs with no experience?

There are transcription companies who will hire transcriptionists with no experience if they can do the job.  Well-known companies that will hire transcriptionists with no experience, include TigerFish and AccuTran. Check out the test from TigerFish on their website.

How do you prepare yourself for general transcription jobs?

There is no formal training for general transcription. You can practice typing and transcription to build speed.You will need good listening skills, typing and English skills.When doing general transcription, topics vary greatly. You might want to start in an industry you have some basic knowledge about. Also, research skills will help you.

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