Increase Your Transcription Speed With Shortcut Keys

You can quickly increase your typing and transcription speed by using Word shortcut keys.

For example, pressing CTRL+B on the keyboard changes the selected text to bold. This is a lot faster than clicking Bold on the Formatting toolbar or selecting Bold in the Font dialog box (Format menu) to bold text.

Copying and pasting text is handy for transcriptionists.  You can copy a word or a set of words (CTRL+C) that is repeated often in a dictation and then paste it (CTRL+V) over and over again when the word is repeated.

The Find (CTRL + F)  function can be useful for transcriptionists to search for words or phrases in text.

I use the Replace (CTRL + H) function a lot. For example, if you mistyped something, you can easily replace a word that you misspelled several times with the correct spelling. Or you may have misunderstood something when you first started listening to the recording. And then realized later when you become familiar with the content, what the correct word is. Or you can use a short word or abbreviation that you want to replace later with a longer word or multiple words.

Below is a list of useful shortcuts that will save you typing time and speed up transcription.

Make letters bold: CTRL+B

Make letters italic: CTRL+I

Make letters underline: CTRL+U

Decrease font size: CTRL+SHIFT+<  (hold CTRLand SHIFT down simultaneously, then hit <)

Increase font size: CTRL+SHIFT+>

Copy the selected text or object: CTRL+C

Cut the selected text or object: CTRL+X

Paste text or an object: CTRL+V

Undo the last action: CTRL+Z

Redo the last action: CTRL+Y

Create a nonbreaking space: CTRL+SHIFT+SPACEBAR

Print the shortcut keys you find useful and keep them handy until you’ve memorized them.

Start using these shortcut and you’ll immediately increase your typing and transcription speed.

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