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Learn General and Business Transcription
With Real-Life Transcription Practice Files

Are you interested in getting general and business transcription work? Do you need transcription experience so you can get transcription work?

The answer is: Practice, Practice and Practice!

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Practicing is the only way to get skilled at any type of transcription

  • Become familiar with the transcription process, transcription software and transcription foot pedal.
  • Get used to listening to audio and typing at the same time.
  • Improve your listening skills, accuracy, speed and overall transcription skills.
  • Increase your typing speed. The higher your speed is, the more work you’ll be able to produce and the more money you’ll be able to make.

But how can you practice before getting work?

If you have looked around for formal general or business transcription training, you know there isn’t any. So… how are you supposed to learn general and business transcription and prepare yourself to get work?

Practicing using a wide range of Practice Files
will improve your transcription speed and skills in no time!

Practicing transcription with real-life practice files is the very best way to:

  • Prepare yourself for transcription work.
  • Improve your accuracy, speed, and overall transcription skills.
  • Develop an ear for transcription.
  • Become familiar with transcription conventions and formats.
  • Learn to follow transcription instructions.
  • Find out what mistakes you are making so you can stop making them.

Now you can practice transcription and acquire experience as a general and business transcriptionist with real-life dictations and transcripts!

Introducing real-life general and business transcription practice files.

You can find medical and legal transcription practice files on the Internet, but there are few practice files for general transcription or business transcription.

General or business transcriptionists transcribe anything that is not medical or legal. General transcription includes business, academic, insurance and media transcription.

General transcriptionists get work from a wide variety of businesses, individuals and organizations and transcribe a wide range of topics, including interviews, single person dictations, meetings, focus group discussions, presentations, conferences, teleseminars, voicemails, podcasts and more.

You must practice to become a successful transcriptionist. But how can you practice?

Since general and business transcription are quite different from medical and legal transcription, using medical and legal practice files is not the best way to develop general or business transcription skills.

That’s why I made sure to carefully select real-life general and business audio practice files and transcripts to help you practice and learn general and business transcription. I have requested special permission to make these files available to you.

After practicing with these real-life audio files,
you’ll feel more confident in your skills.
You’ll be ready to pass transcription tests and
work for transcription companies and clients.

Who can benefit from these practice files?

  • Anyone who wants to learn general or business transcription.
  • New and aspiring transcriptionists.
  • Medical and legal transcriptionists who want to expand their markets by offering general transcription.
  • Medical transcription students who want to make money during their 6-12 months of medical transcription training.
  • General, medical and legal transcriptionists who want to improve their transcription skills, speed, and accuracy.
  • Transcriptionists who have been inactive for a while and need to refresh their skills.

Real-life dictations and transcripts

These audio files and transcripts have been dictated and used by real business people. They were not created by actors as most practice or student files are. You need to practice with the type of work you’ll actually be getting from clients! This is a unique opportunity to practice with audio files that transcriptionists were paid to transcribe.

Choose one or more sets of practice files:

Set A: Marketing/Internet marketing
telephone interview/teleclass practice sets

The marketing and Internet marketing industries provide plenty of work with some of the easiest content to start your transcription career.

Since much of the transcription work you’ll get in the real world will be interviews (often telephone interviews and teleclasses) it makes sense to start with those.

Set 1A: Interview/teleclass transcription without accents – 6 audio files –  $49.
Click here to order.

This set will help you become familiar with different voices and speech patterns. Rating: Easy for beginners – 2 speakers on each audio – easy content – high quality recording – no accents.
Topics: marketing & Internet marketing.

Set 2A: Interview/teleclass transcription without accents – 4 audio files –  $49.
Click here to order.

This set is a great set for learning Internet marketing terminology. Rating: Easy – for beginners – the same 2 speakers on 4 audios – easy content – high quality recording – no accents.
Topics: Internet marketing, building an Internet business, building a business.

Set 3A: Interview/teleclass transcription with some easy-to understand accents – 3 audio files –  $49
Click here to order.

This set will help you become familiar with accents and less than perfect recording quality. Also great for learning Internet marketing terminology. Practice with this set after practicing with sets 1 and 2. Rating: Easy – for beginners – easy content – 4 speakers – one British accent, one Australian accent. Not the highest quality recording (This is real life!) but easy to understand.
Topics: SEO & Internet marketing, web design. 80 minutes total.


SPECIAL MARKETING INTERVIEWS/TELECLASSES COMBO (A-Combo) Get the 3 marketing sets above (sets 1A, 2A, 3A) + the bonuses below for only $99

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Additional Practice Files – 206:21 Min. Audio Report & Audio eBook

Rating: Easy –  for beginners – high quality recording – 1 speaker. These bonus files are not real-live transcripts but are great for practicing transcription and expand your vocabulary.

  • Audio report: Stop Spam. Topics: spam – computers – 7 pages – 12:26 min.
  • Audio book: How to Improve Your Brain Function. Topic: Tips on improving your brain function. 72 pages – 3 audios – 194 min.

Internet Marketing Dictionary
With 42 Pages of Internet Marketing Terms

This great reference resource will give you have all the terminology you’ll ever need to transcribe interviews, teleseminars, webinars from Internet marketing gurus, coaches, telemarketers, web publishers and other marketing professionals.

Click here to order the Special Internet Marketing Interview Combo (A-Combo) 

Set B: Podcasts

There is a huge demand for podcast transcription. A podcast is a digital audio or video file made available on the Internet through an RSS feed for downloading to a portable audio/media player, computer, etc.  Transcripts make a podcast more widely accessible and easily searchable. You can see why there is a need for podcast transcription here. Podcasts are often MP3 files and you’ll transcribe them with your transcription software like any other audio file.

You’ll get 5 audios – Topics: writing, publishing, motivation/inspiration – Total 42.31 min.

Rating: Easy –  for beginners – easy content – high quality recording –  1 speaker – no accents.

Set B: Podcast Transcription Click here to order

GET ALL AUDIOS (A + B COMBO) + BONUSES for only $119
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What you’ll get:

  • Immediate access to MP3 files you can play with almost any audio playback software, including the free recommended transcription software you’ll receive a link to.
  • Completed master transcripts.

You’ll also get additional transcription tools:

  • Instructions for each of the transcripts
  • A list of names and terms used in the recordings
  • Samples of transcription layouts/formats
  • Spelling tips
  • Tips to avoid common mistakes
  • Grammar tips
  • Transcription convention tips

How to use the practice files:

  1. Transcribe the audio files using free transcription software. I’ll refer you to a site where you can get free transcription software you need to open and play these files.
  2. Compare your transcripts with the master transcripts.  See what mistakes you are making so you can avoid making them when working for transcription company or working with your own clients.
  3. Keep transcribing the files over and over again until you attain an acceptable speed and accuracy.

To practice your transcribing skills with these practice files, you don’t need to buy software. You can control the audio playback with the function keys of free transcription software, but I recommend getting a foot pedal as soon as you can. Freeing up your hands for typing will instantly increase your speed.

Affordable Price

I am making these audio (MP3) files available to you at an affordable price. Medical transcription practice files are selling for around $75 per hour of recording. But you can get these real-life general and business transcription practice files for less than $25 per hour of recording.

Prepare yourself for a career as a general/business transcriptionist!
Get these practice files now
and get the experience you need to get transcription work!

Order one or more sets NOW

Here’s a quick overview:

  • Set 1A: Interview/teleclass transcription without accents – $49 Click here to order
  • Set 2A: Interview/teleclass transcription without accents – $49 – Click here to order
  • Set 3A: Interview/teleclass transcription with some easy-to understand accents – $49 – Click here to order
  • SPECIAL: MARKETING INTERVIEW/TELECLASS COMBO (A-Combo). Get the 3 marketing sets above (sets 1A, 2A, 3A) + BONUSES for only $99 – Click here to order.
  • GET ALL AUDIOS (A-Combo + B-Combo/podcasts) + BONUSES for only $119 – Click here to order ALL.

To Your Transcription Success,

Leva Duell

P.S. Take this opportunity to practice with real-life business recordings. Build up your transcription speed and accuracy so you can start making money.