Transcription – A Great Career For Moms

Many people – especially moms are looking to make extra money working from home. Some are looking for a part-time or full-time job. But many jobs or work from home require some skills. And to acquire those skills, you often need some training!

Below are just a few of the reasons why transcription from home might be a good career choice for some moms and why taking an online course can be the ideal solution to giving moms and others the opportunity to work from home.

Hispanic mother with baby in working home office

Transcription work from home offers flexible hours

Many transcription jobs from home provide flexible hours. As a mom’s schedule can be unpredictable, transcription can be perfect work from home for moms. Some days might be less busy, allowing you to work several hours, whereas other days everything seems to go crazy.

Here are some ideas of work you can do from home: 

1. General Transcription.

Unlike medical or legal transcription, general transcription has a much shorter learning curve as you don’t need to learn complicated medical or legal terminology.

Do you want to find out more about general transcription work from home?


2. Medical Transcription.

Medical transcription requires specialized training.

3. Legal transcription.

Legal transcription requires some specialized training as well. Subscribe to a free legal mini course and find out more about getting started in legal transcription.


4. Medical Coding and Billing.

Some medical coders work from home (but not many) and usually after they have worked for their employer for a few years first. If interested in working from home, be aware that experienced medical transcriptionists have more possibilities to work from home than for medical coders.

Online Training Courses

Here are some of the reasons why moms like online training courses:

1. Flexibility

Online courses are self-paced and that gives moms the opportunity to study at times that work for them.

Career Step’s online medical transcription courses and some of their other online courses might be the perfect fit for moms.

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Get more information here about the different online courses available through Career Step.

2. Affordability

Most Career Step’s courses are affordable and less than $3,000, including books! Their payment plans helpsyou spread out the payments and can help you get the career training you want.

3. Prepare for a Real Career, Job or Work from Home

You don’t have to settle for a job paying minimum wage. Taking an online class with Career Step gives you the opportunity to get a real career that makes real money. Career Step’s online courses are designed to help students get a job after graduation. You can now get a real career that can pay as much as $40,000 a year and offers opportunities for advancement! With a real career, you can make more money in less time, work fewer hours and spend more time with your family.


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