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Recommended Medical Transcription Schools – MT Schools

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Selecting the right school is very important to getting hired as a medical transcriptionist. Employers usually require that you have 1-3 years of in-hospital experience before they will hire you to work from home.

However, many employers will waive the experience requirement  IF you attended the right school.  If you go to the right school, you can get a job right away. That’s why it’s so important to select the right medical transcription school.

To obtain employment after graduation with no experience, you will need to obtain training through a recognized program. Most companies will not hire without experience, but there are quite a few who will allow you to test for them IF you have graduated from a quality program with good grades.

Below are my recommendations for online medical transcription schools. These schools are recognized in the industry. If you go to one of these three schools, you are pretty much guaranteed a transcription  job from one the big employers like Spheris.

There are three schools that are consistently getting the top recommendations for medical transcription training.  They are:

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Career Step is one of the big three schools and is alot less expensive than the others.  Career Step’s Medical Transcription curriculum is approved by the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity.

Here’s what students day about Career Step:

“I trained for medical transcription through Career Step and was able to find a job as a new graduate within 2 weeks.”

Andrews and M-Tec cost two to three times more than CareerStep.

Here’s what students day about Meditec:

“I went with I liked it because it was thorough training but didn’t throw in the kitchen sink. I was able to finish the course in 4 months, and then went into their internship program and started working right away. It was fast and affordable.”


Consider general transcription work.
You won’t need to learn medical terminology and can get started almost immediately.