How To Get Transcription Work From Home

You have several options to get transcription work frodiscm home. Transcription is putting spoken words into written form. You listen to a recording and type what you hear.

The best-known type of transcription is medical transcription but transcription work is not limited to the medical industry!

The needs for transcription are diverse. Here are just some of people, businesses and industries that need transcription services.

  • Doctors need transcription of their spoken notes during medical procedures.
  • Legal professionals need transcription of arguments and testimonies from court proceedings.
  • Transcription is also used by businesses, organizations and individuals.

General Transcription services
are very much in demand. 

  • Companies need written documentation of  topics they discussed in meetings.
  • Authors, internet marketers and many others have interviews transcribed.
  • Web publishers have podcasts transcribed.
  • Journalists and insurance adjusters have interviews transcribed.
  • Ministers have sermons transcribed.
  • Schools for the deaf needs transcripts of instructional videos and audio educational materials.

Both medical and legal transcription careers require specialized training for the transcriptionist to learn the jargon and the proper formats. But medical transcription is not the only industry where transcripts are needed.

Medical Transcription Requires Extensive Training

Medical transcriptionists usually take training for six months to two years before they can start transcribing. They need to be knowledgeable in medical jargon and be familiar with different types of medical records.

Legal Transcriptionists Need To Know
Legal Terminology and Formats

Legal transcription is another field where transcription is needed  A legal transcriptionist has to be knowledgeable in legal terminology and formats.

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General Transcription
Does NOT Require Specialized Training

Another option for a career in transcription is that of a general transcriptionist. Contrary to medical or legal transcription, general transcription work does not require specialized training. The information in the recordings is typically less confidential in nature, making it easier to outsource transcription work to transcriptionists working from home without the risk of confidentiality breaches. Many businesses outsource general transcription to home-based transcriptionists and general transcription work from home is a popular career choice for people who are looking to work from home.

General transcription covers a wide variety of industries. Examples of business and general transcribing jobs include transcribing recordings of interviews, meetings, single person dictations, conference calls, seminars, focus groups, radio shows, television talk shows, police reports, podcasts and a variety of other recordings.

How to Become a General Transcriptionist

Equipment you’ll need: To become a freelance transcriptionist and do any kind of transcription work from home you need a computer, a high speed Internet connection, transcription software, a foot pedal, a good headset and a high-speed Internet connection.

Skills you’ll need: You need good listening and typing skills and a good command of English. You need to have the self-discipline to meet deadlines.

Building your reputation and credibility as a reliable transcriptionist is the key to getting repeat business and referrals from the companies and clients you do transcription work for.

Transcription can be an exciting career and most people who are doing transcription work love it. General and business transcription gives you the opportunity to work from home.

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A good way to learn general and business transcription work is by practicing transcription with transcription practice files. See general transcription practice files here.

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