Why Do Many Businesses Outsource Transcription Services?

Today, there is more freelance work available for transcriptionists than ever before and there are many work at home opportunities available for transcriptionists.  Many small and large companies, individuals and organizations outsource general and business transcription to home-based transcriptionists.

Transcription services are in demand as you can see from the many transcription jobs that are advertised on the Internet. In addition to medical transcription and legal transcription, there are lots of opportunities for general and business transcription work. General transcription work is basically any transcription that is not medical or legal. General transcription covers a wide variety of work, such as transcribing meetings, interviews, workshops, movie scripts, focus group discussions, voicemail messages, podcasts and anything else that can be recorded.

Here are just a few reasons why companies need transcription:

  • Archiving information is just one of the reasons why businesses use transcription services as many state and federal laws require businesses to keep records of certain information, such as minutes from quarterly reports.
  • Recording and transcribing meetings and interviews makes it easier to archive orally transmitted information.

There are many more reasons why businesses, organizations need transcription. Find out why here.

Why do many businesses outsource transcription work vs doing it in-house?

Here are some benefits to businesses of using transcription services and the reasons why many businesses outsource transcription work.

  • Outsourcing transcription saves companies time, energy and money. Save time: Doing transcribing in-house is time consuming if you’re not experienced at it and don’t have the right transcription software and equipment.
  • Businesses get quality, accurate transcripts within good turn-around time.  An experienced transcriptionist can do a better and faster job than an in-house employee that is inexperienced in transcription.
  • Outsourcing costs less: If they don’t need transcription daily, outsourcing transcription jobs to freelance transcriptionists on an “as needed” basis is more cost effective for companies than having an in-house staff of transcribers. They have less overhead and need less employees.  They don’t have to pay vacation pay, sickness pay or other benefits.
  • Outsourcing enables employees to focus on tasks that better utilize their expertise.
  • Outsourcing is less work and less hassle. They don’t need to recruit specialized staff and getting the right software.
  • Businesses don’t need to recruit additional employees. Businesses can use transcription services without affecting their workforce by using transcription services on an as needed basis. They only has to pay when they need work done.
  • Transcripts may include confidential information they don’t want employees to know.
From the above benefits, you can see that using an outside transcriptionist or transcription company is a better alternative than in-house transcription for most businesses.
When promoting your transcription services, emphasize the benefits you can bring to your transcription clients such as lower cost, quality transcription work and fast turnaround. Providing quality transcription will help you get steady work from repeat clients.

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